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      Thank you for your interest in sponsorship for 2022. Please be advised that we have reached our allocated quota for sponsorship this year. For 2023 sponsorship please see our new application process below.

      Ariat Australia partners with associations, individuals and events who share the same core values.

      Each year we support a variety of associations from community events including local pony club gymkhanas and community rodeos through to major corporate partnerships and events.


      At Ariat we value community and love being able to sponsor grassroots events. This form is for smaller community events, if your event is requesting sponsorship for value over $5000 please see Major Sponsorship below for a different submission process.

      To be considered, applications must be made using this form and be applied for within the key intake periods listed below.

      Your event date falls in: Application intake no later than: Expected response by date
      January / February / March 2023 APPLICATIONS CLOSED Early December 2022
      April / May /June 2023 28th February 2023 Early March 2023
      July / August / September 2023 31st May 2023 Early June 2023
      October / November / December 2023 31st August 2023 Early Sept 2023
      January / February / March 2024 30th November 2023 Early December 2023

      Individual Sponsorship

      PLEASE NOTE – We currently have a full stable of individually sponsored athletes and influencers and aren’t taking individual applications at this time.
      Whilst we can’t offer sponsorship at this time, we would still love to see what you are up to and your love for the brand. Make sure you are tagging us on social media so we can still be part of your journey.
      Instagram: @ariataus Facebook: @AriatAustralia

      Major Sponsorship

      If your requested sponsorship is valued at over $5000, please send your professional proposal to the below email at least 6 months prior to your event. We will evaluate these on an individual basis, and you will be replied to within the month of application.

      Email Sponsorship Team